Barbecoa, Piccadilly

Adding to the portfolio of work Advance has completed for Jamie Oliver’s restaurants, Barbecoa Piccadilly is the biggest project completed in Advance’s history. Based between Piccadilly Circus and Green Park stations, Barbecoa Piccadilly is the second branch of Jamie Oliver’s steak and BBQ restaurant, with the first opening over six years ago. The two-storey restaurant is housed within the former Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours building.


Due to the large scale of the operation, along with the location of the restaurant, Advance had a range of different challenges to overcome with this kitchen installation. One challenge arose due to the kitchen being located in the basement of the two-storey building. This became an issue for Advance due to heavy duty equipment needing to be transported down the 100 metre pipeline in order to enable them to successfully complete the build. In addition to this, due to the central location of the restaurant, traffic congestion made it difficult to efficiently get all of the equipment to site.

Furthermore, Advance was challenged to collate different kitchen equipment pieces from a number of destinations worldwide. This kit had to be imported and then transported to the restaurant site in Piccadilly. An extensive design process was undertaken, to ensure Barbecoa was receiving the exact equipment which would match their specifications and ensure maximum efficiency. Advance participated in a number of client meetings which resulted in an improved understanding of the completely bespoke kitchen solution which the client was looking to create.


Advance worked in partnership with a range of suppliers to compile the bespoke catering equipment that the client specified, importing kitchen equipment from around the world. As a result, the kitchen possesses a Japanese Robata grill, a Spanish Mibrasa charcoal oven, a Tandoor oven and a Texan smoker with Argentinian grills imported from America. It also includes bespoke bar designs, a meat aging cabinet and three different refrigerated walk in wine rooms. To transport the kitchen equipment down to the basement, Advance came up with the solution of using a block and tackle to guide the equipment down the 100m pipe line. This was a long design process, with the overall project taking an impressive two years to complete.

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