Flat Iron

Having previously completed a remarkable job for the Flat Iron branch in Soho, Advance was asked to complete a new kitchen design at the group’s branch on Goldbourne Road. Flat Iron on Goldbourne Road is the fifth branch, located in the glowing hub at the end of Portabello Market. The restaurant features Flat Iron’s classic, low lit combination of unvarnished wood and cast iron-clad.


Advance was briefed by the client to showcase a range of new and innovative ideas that complied with Flat Iron’s brand in the design of its kitchen solution. Additionally, the company wanted to be able to complete dry aging in the kitchen, as this is fundamental to the preparation of its signature dish, the flat iron steak. The only cabinet that met the demanding dry aging specifications was an extremely rare piece which would be difficult to source.


After a long process of trying to track down this rare piece, Advance managed to source a vintage cabinet from Rio de Janeiro, South Brazil. This specific cabinet was a Peroba Wood Antique Refrigerator Cabinet, with the wood originally used, Peroba de Campo, now being extinct. There are only about 200 of these fridges left in the world and most of these are in a poor condition. Advance originally rebuilt the piece as a meat aging cabinet, but it was replaced with glazed panels so the meat could be viewed in situ. This modified version of the cabinet, due to the glazed panels, means that customers can see straight through it into the kitchen.

Advance also showcased a range of innovative ideas in the kitchen solution. The company developed the idea to procure a personalised grill for Flat Iron as due to their small but specialised menu, it required a bespoke grill that would be tailored to its unique food processes. Advance partnered with a conditioning grill designer to ensure that Flat Iron would get the perfect, bespoke grill and ultimately managed to design a completely bespoke kitchen solution that fitted in with Flat Iron’s brand with a rapid installation time of just three days.

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