Smart Design
means every piece of the kitchen jigsaw

Kitchen templates designed by chefs for chefs

Smart kitchen design is crucial to driving productivity and profitability in the casual dining sector, where equipment layout is so critical to operational success. By employing experienced chefs, Advance Group ensures it can contribute relevant industry expertise and professional insight to every aspect of cooking methodology and the design process.

The company invests time in getting to understand what the customer is looking to achieve with their menu composition in terms of volume, time and menu specifics. These are the factors that determine the primary gearing of the kitchen.

Many catering equipment suppliers tend to base their designs on traditional models with predetermined zones. They are also inclined to work off a tick-box list of predetermined brands and products rather than focusing on end use processes. This contrasts with Advance’s bespoke approach which prioritises an in-depth understanding of the customer’s methods. The company has gone on a long journey with many emerging brands where it has added a lot of value to the process.

New Build projects each year

Refurbishments Per Year


Data collection combined with on-site observations


Objectives setting and the development of kitchen concepts which can be replicated


Validation of concept and design


Implementation of final kitchen design

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