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We believe in the power of change, after all we pioneered the introduction of the first microwave ovens into commercial kitchens. We know that there is always a better way, a quicker way, a faster way and often a cheaper one and we believe its our job to find this. Today we are investing in the future with new technologies that will change the way the kitchen works and have even developed a specific division to bring innovative products to market.

We see a future where food service is made more efficient through Advance. We don’t just offer a good product at a good price. We want to identify how we can make our clients’ kitchens more efficient, creative and profitable. Our vision is to work closely with our customers as a partner they can trust with the development of one of their most important assets – their food.

Our Mantras:

Change is good

Think around the problem

Innovate and succeed

In technology we trust


We stand alone in offering consultancy led services for catering solutions. We approach projects this way as we believe we can only solve problems when we understand the full dynamics of a customer’s business and then can deploy the full range of our services.

It is our people that lead this approach, many of them have been in operational roles in the food and catering industry, they know what it takes to succeed and fully understand the implications of innovation.





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