Yen, London

Following its success in France, Yen recently opened its first ever restaurant outside Paris in the new luxurious development of 190 Strand. The company secured a glass walled space of around 450 square metres which seats 109 covers. Yen first launched in Paris in 2000 as part of Onwards Holdings Company Ltd, one of the largest fashion houses in Japan. It is a Japanese restaurant that specialises in buckwheat noodles and soba noodles.


Due to the unique requirements of its food, Yen required a high end kitchen that would match its particular specifications. As a result, Advance was challenged to find an innovative kitchen solution that would allow them to work efficiently. Due to the complexity of the food produced by Yen, Advance also had to spend time learning about the company’s menu to develop an in-depth understanding of their cooking methods.


To help Advance further understand the specialist kitchen equipment required, Yen imported soba noodles over from Japan to help show their cooking process requirements. Advance’s design team developed an innovative high end fabrication solution, installing bespoke sushi bars and a central island that was especially manufactured in-house to accommodate a balance between functionality and creativity. The kitchen in Yen’s restaurant is completely open which meant that Advance had to ensure it looked clean and visually appealing as customers are able to see inside. This proved to be an challenging project, with Advance using a creative approach to find a modern solution that would also be practical for the cooking requirements of the Japanese restaurant.

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